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research proposal格式:航空服务质量研究建议

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本文是留学生论文research proposal格式范文,主要内容是提出针对航空服务质量进行研究的建议,并且以斯里兰卡航空作为研究对象进行探讨和分析。
Research Problem 研究问题
Introduction 概况
Sri Lankan Airlines is the national carrier of Sri Lanka. It was founded as Air Ceylon way back in 1947 and re-launched the business as Air Lanka in 1979. The airline was rebranded in 1998 as Sri Lankan Airlines. At this point the airline was managed by Emirates Group which was based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This move resulted in Sri Lankan Airlines expanding to more destinations, and the profit started to build up rapidly. However when the 10 years strategic partnership ended in 2008, the airline started to drop in quality thus leading to loss of profits. The airline could not get itself out of this scenario to date.
Emirates Airlines is a middle east based airlines owned by the the Government of Dubai. The airlines is 29 years in existence and has become one of the market leaders in the airlines industry. It operates to over 100 destinations globally with over 200 aircrafts.
It should be noted that since the end of the civil war in 2009, the Government of Sri Lanka has put huge amount of efforts to develop the country as one of the best tropical holiday destination. This was evidence as the tourist arrivals went up rapidly during the past five years and crossed 1 million milestone in the year 2012. However it must be noted that Sri Lankan Airlines is operating to countries from where most of the tourists have arrived. This supports the argument that Sri Lankan is losing its market share to its competitors on these routes.
Airlines industry is highly depended on the high quality of services. Passengers expect high level of quality in services offered during their travel. Airlines such as Emirates, Singapore Airlines and Qatar Airways are operating in the same region and are known for the superior service levels. However lack of expected quality levels would make the passenger to consider switching to another carrier within seconds.
For an airline to operate successfully, it should provide excellent level of service to its passengers. It is because the journey is long and the passengers are required to be seated in one area with limited activities. However in the recent times, Sri Lankan’s quality of service has been criticized widely by the travelers.
Research Problem
Ever since the end of the civil war in Sri Lanka, the country is developing to become a tourist destination and a knowledge hub according to the Government of Sri Lanka’s development plan. In this context we should expect more tourists and expats to visit Sri Lanka over next decade. Despite the Government has injected a huge sum of money during the last budget discussions, with regret it was noticed that the state owned Airlines is rapidly losing its market share in the routes it is operating to other airlines and as a result its profits have plunged since 2008.
Problem Statement
Drop in service quality has led to passenger dissatisfaction ending up in airline generating losses for the past eight consecutive years.
2.Research Aim & Objective
Aim of this study is to identify the linkage between the quality of service provided and the level of passenger satisfaction at Sri Lankan Airlines and benchmark it with Emirates airlines operating to and from Colombo Bandaranaike International Airport.
Further this study is carried out with an intention of making a contribution, mainly to Sri Lankan Airlines on how it could improve its quality of service and attract more passengers thus turning around the company to be a profitable venture.
Evaluate how travelers feel about the quality of services on Emirates Airlines and their level of satisfaction
Analyze passenger satisfaction on Sri Lankan Airlines focusing on the quality of services offered
To recommend possible solutions to improve the quality of services offered by Sri Lankan Airlines
2C.Research Questions
What is the current level of services provided and customer satisfaction?
How can it be improved further to meet the expectations of the passenger?
Does quality differ between classes of travel?
How does Emirates Airlines address this issue?
3.Key Theories Which Will Be Used to Address the Problem
Following theories are proposed by the researcher to address the problems:
Service Quality Theories
Six Sigma
Crosby’s Culture Theory
Deaming’s 14 Point Theory
Juran’s Cultural Theory
4.Key Literature
Armstrong’s Hand Book of Strategic Human Resource Management by Michael Armstrong
Culture and organization by Geert Hosfstede, Gert Jan Hofstede and Michael Minkov
The Management and Control of Quality by James R. Evans and William M. Lindsay
Total Quality Management by John S. Oakland
Cross Cultural Business Behavior by Richard R. Gesteland
International Marketing by Michael R. Czinkata and Ilkka A. Ronkainen
Website providing relevant articles
Relevant Journals
The researcher proposes to adopt quantitative methods and qualitative methods to carry out this research. The expected respondents the researcher is aiming at using the above mentioned methods are as follows:
Passengers at the arrival terminal of Bandaranaike International Airport Colombo
Passengers at travel agents
Ticketing staff at travel agents
Quantitative Research Technique
By adopting this methodology the researcher is depending on the numerical data gathered during the data gathering phase that could be measured statistically. The data required for this phase would be gathered through questioners and from statistics available on the public domain.
Qualitative Research Technique
In this technique the researcher would be analyzing non-numerical data obtained through interviews with the ticketing staff at two large travel agents in Colombo.
Data Collection Methods
Necessary data would be collected from primary and reliable secondary sources.
Primary Data
These data would be collected through interviews with the respondents, questioners / surveys and direct observation of the situation / scenario.
Secondary Data
These data would be obtained from reliable sources such as government publications, journals / periodicals, previous research reports, websites, etc. The data the researcher is looking on these sources are demographic details of the tourists, demographic details of the passengers,
Data Sampling Method
The researcher proposes to use Quota sampling which a non-probabilistic or qualitative sampling method for this research.
Data Analysis
Data gathered during the research would be analyzed critically by the researcher in arriving at the conclusion. For this purpose standard spreadsheet or sophisticated statistical software packages would be used which has the capability to statistically analyze and compare two groups of data. Further the researcher proposes to graphically present the outcomes of the analysis using graphs, charts, tables, etc.
Conceptual Framework
Limitations to Research
Following limitations are expected:
Limited funds to carry out the research
Researcher is employed fulltime hence time to spend on the research would be a limitation
Responders may not respond to questions posted due to prevailing policies at their organization
Time lapses in receiving / collecting the duly completed questioners from the respondents
4B.Research Timetable

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