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ABSTRACT Processing AIT logging information can get more accurate layer real resistivity and mud invasion depth and section. AIT results help to differentiate layer infiltration ability and fluid type, the calculation of mud invasion depth can instru
Processing AIT logging information can get more accurate layer real resistivity and mud invasion depth and section. AIT results help to differentiate layer infiltration ability and fluid type, the calculation of mud invasion depth can instruct the level of oil reservoir to be polluted by well drilling directly and offer reference basis for the following work. The development of AIT offers new method to differentiate oil reservoir mud invade and thin layer and means and condition for establishing the explainable method of complex oil reservoir and raising the appraisement precision. This paper studied AIT principle and explainable method as well as contrast aspect with conventional induction resistivity. This paper presents some application examples of Huabei oilfield logging series optimization technology.
Subject Terms:AIT logging    contrast   the method based of radial resistive rate  
Invasion   thin layer    apply
1. 油集团从油田勘探开发的瓶颈问题入手,研究出一套较高勘探程度富油气凹陷的精细勘探方法,提出并实践了适合该区地质特点的勘探开发一体化地质研究与管理模式。
A set of high level prospecting methods of detailed exploration for oil wealth hollow were worked out through starting with the bottleneck problems; a model of management that …was proposed and put into practice by CNPC.
2. 国家对可持续发展提出更严格的要求,企业有尽快落实的责任和义务. 
The country put forward more strict requirements of constant development and the enterprises have the duty and responsibility of practicing as quickly as possible.
3. 本文从。。。 角度研究了。。。的构成特征和机制。
In this paper, the structural features and mechanism of this fault zone are studied in the view point of deformation history, by means of study of its tectonic stress field.

1、Introduction (Motivation/ purpose/goal/aim/objective/importance) (present tense) 
1)The aim of this paper is to assess the accuracy of steady-state scale-up for small-scale sedimentary structures.
2) An important objective of these well-constrained experiments is to evaluate current theoretical models of PGE solubility.
2、Scope/perspective (past/present tense)
1)This study examined fecal coliform reduction in domestic wastewater after receiving treatment through a constructed open water wetland, a slow sand filter, and a portable ultraviolet disinfection unit.
2) The scope of this study was to compare the behavior and character of dissolved organic carbon (DOC) during soil-aquifer treatment at different field sites in Arizona and California.
3、method/procedure/approach (past tense)
1)In this study, a lab-scale aerobic biofilter-biotrickling tower system packed with particulate plastic media (1.5 cm, hexagon in shape) was used to treat the salty artificial wastewater polluted by mineral oil (diesel fuel) mixed with chemical dispersant (CPC OD-10) and inorganic nutrients. 
2)It involved recycling a small portion of the primary sludge and then activating it to enhance its biosorptive and flocculent properties through 30-min aeration. The aerated sludge was then brought into contact with raw sewage to induce rapid biosorption of soluble COD and flocculation of colloidal organic before the mixture was settled in a regular primary clarifier.
4、Results/findings/products (past tense)
e.g.  Three granitoid magmatic events were identified at 815 Ma, 700-730Ma, and 620-625Ma, which were marked by emplacement of the calc-alkaline Ujjukka granite and granodiorite, the anatectic Suqii-Wagga two-mica granite and the Guttin K-feldspar megacrystic granite, and the anorogenic Ganjii monzogranite, respectively.
5、Discussion/Conclusions (present/past tense)
e.g. The results showed that under traction free conditions subsidence was a three-dimensional problem and one-dimensional subsidence models tended to focus excessive amounts of vertical deformation near the pumped well. The magnitude of vertical deformation in one-dimensional subsidence models was exacerbated as the grid size became smaller in the vicinity of the pumping well. This was due to increased calculated drawdown in the vicinity of the well for more finely-spaced grids.
6、Implications/applications (present tense)
e.g. Our experimental results are directly applicable to porphyry copper systems because in such systems temperature, PH, salinity and oxygen fugacity are similar to the experimental parameters. Application of our experimental results indicate that a typical porphyry systems can transport at least 40 tons of Pd if sources of platinum group elements (PGE) are available and the solubility-controlling phase is metallic Pd.
7、limitations and suggestions for further studies (past/present tense for limitations, present/future tense for suggestions)
e.g. 1) This study suggests that in order to achieve the highest treatment level of secondary unchlorinated wastewater, a combination of aquatic ponds and subsurface flow wetlands may be necessary. 
2) In general, source water quality, drinking water and wastewater treatment should be viewed as one system in indirect potable re-use projects. 
3) However, because constructed wetlands, besides the water quality improvement function, perform a multitude of other functions such as biodiversity, habitat, climatic, hydrological and public use functions, methodologies need to be developed to evaluate these functions and to weigh them in relation to the water quality issue.
Structure of an Abstract:
1、The first sentence in the Abstract:
The purpose of this research is…
The primary goal of this research is…
The intention of this paper is to survey…
The overall objective of this study is…
The chief aim of the present work is to investigate…
The purpose of this paper is to explain why…
The primary object of this fundamental research is to reveal…
The main objective of our investigation has been to obtain…
The experiment made here is aimed at …
The emphasis of this study lies in…
The problem we have outlined here deals largely with the study of…
This study examined…. (past tense)
2、The next sentences:
The method used in the study was…
The technique applied is referred to as…
The procedure was as follows…
The approach adopted extensively is called…
The experiment consisted of three steps:…
Included in the experiment were…
The test equipment which was used consisted of…
Several sets of experiments were carried out to test the validity of…
This formula is verified by…
3、The ending part of an abstract:
The results of the experiment indicated that …
The studies showed that…
The studies we carried out demonstrated that…
The research suggested that…
The investigation carried out by… revealed that…
All the preliminary results threw light on …
As a result of our experiments, we concluded that…

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