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Interview is one of the most important sources of case study information because it can not only focus directly on the case study topic but also provides perceived casual inferences (Yin, 2003).  Marshall & Rossman (1999) indicated as a specialized case, an interview is focused on a particular type of interviewee who is considered to be influential, prominent and well-informed people in an organization or community. This research will adopt open-ended interview to the key person who involved in the operation and management of Hong Kong port and Shenzhen port directly. The interview will be conducted by telephone or Email. The purpose of interview is to obtain the data concentrating in the following factors besides the basic information on operation (i.e. throughput volume) and management (i.e. organizational structure).
采访是案例研究信息的最重要来源之一,不仅因为它可以直接关注的情况下研究课题,而且还提供了感知因果推论(in, 2003)。马歇尔罗斯曼(1999)表示,作为一个专门的情况下,接受记者采访时是专注于某一特定类型的受访者被认为是影响力,突出和消息灵通的人,在一个组织或社区。这项研究将采用开放式的访谈,参与香港港口和深圳口岸直接经营和管理的关键人物。该访谈将通过电话或电子邮件进行。面试的目的是集中于以下几个因素除了操作的基本信息(即吞吐量)和管理(即组织结构)来获取数据。

1) The operating charges for users in handling container transport (i.e. Terminal handling charge, demurrage & detention fee)
2) Container handling efficiency in specific measures (i.e. the average time to handle one container & turnaround time)
3) The current application of management system for co-operate with other transport partners (i.e. EDI system)
4) The existing co-operation with other port.
5) What sort of new systems are going to employ on management?
6) The plan for expansion or further development
(Remark: may be expanded)

Analysis of the result

Questionnaire survey (Part 1)

The answer of questionnaire will be designed to utilize five-point Likert Scale. The respondent is asked to select his/her degree of agreement in term of the statement in questions. The score from 1 to 5 represents from strongly disagree to strongly agree respectively. After collection of the questionnaire, the analysis can be firstly calculation of the mean of each issue respectively. Then, the issues can be ranked from high to low according to the mean score. Meanwhile, the percentage of each issue marked on each score can be worked out. For example, what percentage of people marks the port location in“1” and what percentage people mark “5”. Others can be calculated in analogy. As a result, the major factors that responsible for port competition from the view of shipping lines and forwarders can be identified. Finally, two sample t-tests will be used to check if there is any difference in result from these two groups of respondents (/jndessaydx shipping lines and forwarders). The final results is to identify the factors responsible for ports competition. Further analysis can be conducted based on this result to propose a feasible cooperation framework. 

Questionnaire survey (part 2)

The answer will be ranked by percentage of how many people consider the same factor is the advantages / disadvantages of these two ports. Part 2 of survey aims to explore these two ports competitive advantages and disadvantages from the view of shipping lines and forwarders. Thus, the result can provide an index for cooperation framework based on shipping lines and forwarders needs.
Before the case description of these two ports, the profile of these two ports will be presented including their background, development history and impacts from market. Through the comparative case studies of Hong Kong port and Shenzhen port based on the literature research, internet research, and combining the analysis based on the data collected from survey and interview , the research will indicate the major factors that contributing to the competition between these two ports as well as their respective competitive advantages. Consequently, the research will discuss how these two ports can co-operate mutually based on the result of the data analysis.

Figure: The process of data collection and analysis

Proposed Schedule

This research contains tasks and activities from conceiving the researching topic and consulate with supervisor till the final report submission. It is scheduled to last two semesters from research proposal to final research paper accomplishment. With the specialty of target organization location, it is expected to conduct the interview after the proposal submission. The whole schedule will be as below:

Figure: The schedule of research proposal and report


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