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美国学问论文-有关美国学问特色的essay-American culture

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The American culture, in a sense, is the extension of European culture, because the American language, she of the population structure, and her national spirit from Europe. On the other hand, the U.S. and European culture with different, because Europ

The American culture, in a sense, is the extension of European culture, because the American language, she of the population structure, and her national spirit from Europe. On the other hand, the U.S. and European culture with different, because European settlers in North America continent go after Indian driven, in a barren desert land created marveled at the splendid civilization. So, talking about American culture and social etiquette, we must take care of European and American cultures is gay, and to pay attention to the phase of the opposite sex.
Culture is a wide range, content complex title, involves people in social life and all aspects of the communication. The author in the form of 杂谈 worked, American culture briefly summarized. KuanRongXing.

America is a nation of immigrants, it ancestors came from all over the world. People are moving to the United States, not only geographically move it, and they are the country's appraisal and customs brought to the new residence. Because the miscellaneous, each person is very outstanding differences; Because the difference is very common, people would not have paid special attention to unity. As time passes, the American cultural convention formed a higher degree of KuanRongXing (tolerance), to heterogeneous culture and different evaluation the tolerance, acceptable attitude. At this point, American society feasible custom than any other country in the world to come broad.

Politically speaking, this KuanRongXing in terms of the pursuit of freedom and rights to freedom of maintenance. From religious, it reflects different faith harmonious coexistence. Look from life range, it appeared in different RACES, different ethnic community peace get along. To cap it all, in the United States, everyone basically can choose any different ideas, beliefs, life style and traditional habit; People can also considerably keep their customs and instrument. For example, the jews can celebrate their religious holiday, and christians is able to their Christmas and Easter. Then for example, the Chinese can in Chinatown in Chinese life and work; In the same way, immigrants to Vietnam in their "little Saigon" according to Vietnam way of business management, and engaged in all kinds of activities.

American tolerate sex, in addition to the above the United States is an immigrant country this factor, but also with the American people about the frequent migration. It is well known, the American history in the development of a important part is her KaiFaShi west. At that time, American settlers or trek, riding in the car, from the east side to the west, from the south to the north, where there is opportunity, to go there. Frequent migration and the constantly changing people to live is always in the "flow" condition, to temporarily faces all sorts of different phenomenon more easy to tolerance and accept. In addition, often migration also to be able to help people enlarge my horizons, know more know broadly, to a different customs the sympathy, understanding, and gradually formed a diversity is better than the openness of the oneness of concept.

Because the American KuanRongXing is stronger, so few americans put their will impose on other people, and the Chinese Confucius "do unto others as you would be done by" value very like. For example, the husband may be a republican, but he must never pushed him that support the Democrats wife change political position. Similarly, the mother may be a Catholic, but she can never forced her that was converted to a Muslim son to change religious beliefs. In the daily habits peace transaction processing, the tolerant spirit but also common occurance, are common.


Americans to be informal known to the world. At the office, people often can see "white-collar" don't wear a jacket, don't tie in the office work. A telephone conversation, they go back a depend, the foot to rest on the table, leisurely leisurely in the phone "kan" on a half a day. On the campus, dressed in jeans, American professor foot Nike shoes into the classroom. What is more, the professor said strength, will be a bottom to go to the platform on sit, the butterflies to a voluble, regardless of age, regardless of sex. More often the case, is the United States between father and son, mother and daughter of the relationship between the amiable, relaxed. Whether in the film, or in real life, we always see the elders and the young generation mutual pat on the shoulder, unrestrained lens. All this comes from americans to be informal (informality) habit.

From the cultural perspective, the American people are informal habit and their democratic equal ideas related. We know, the United States history development process, not the feudal society this stage. Noble, a pariah, grade, the royal family and other European mainland popular a set of things, in the United States have no or no real meaning. People to family, status, identity not very value: more important are the actual performance of itself. This raised in the United States in the early stage of the development concept to a great extent, has become a traditional American culture of "deposits". Because everyone value equal rights and people interact with each other in need not excessive pay attention to all kinds of overelaborate etiquette. On this point, people as long as pay attention to the United States to meet the way when playing for will understand. Whether the subordinate see boss, or the students meet teachers, the average American just smile and say Hi or Hello can, and don't need to add various kinds of first street. Also, the americans in a social situation SanXi business meetings or more diversity, less people one by one and to say goodbye, but to everybody waved and said, "Well, we see you" (Well, so long everybody). Do not say people lack of respect each other, but the people of the matter of habit.

To be informal is to make people more easily in contacts, at ease some, thus faster shorten the distance between people. Perhaps this is the American character, cheerful one reason.

Titles and call

Because American emphasis on equality, their social rank idea is relatively weak, so they don't have family hereditary titles. Instead, the American people like to use professional title as a call, because it on his own "earn", not from in the hereditary. His attempt for example: harry Judge (Judge Harley), Senator Smith (Senator Smith), General Clark (General Clark), Dr Brown (Dr. Brown), Professor Green (Professor Green), reverend Wright (Father White), Cohen teacher (Rabbi Cohen, to the respect of the jews language), Gray Bishop (Bishop Gray), etc. Engaged in other industries, americans to "sir", "young lady", "wife" proportion.

The americans first meeting, if don't know each other's title, but to show him respect, they used "sir" (sir) or "lady" (madam) call. Be you of so called will immediately understand, you don't know how to call him, so he will place the call to tell you. Generally speaking, unless one engaged in a professional work, such as doctors, professors, etc, the American people don't use official title. This is because American emphasis on friendly, neglects relationship, and do not take the title status. Americans believe that, even if the direct address of a person's name, people can also said to him respect. In fact, most americans don't want their own for age or social status and the relationship between want others to special respect him. This will so that they don't feel comfortable and feel the distance of each other too separate widened. Many American people even think "sir", "wife", "miss" call too serious, so, they tend to call names. For example, "don't call me Mrs. Smith, call me Sally good". Americans think, call him by his first name, often easier to being friendly and loved. Of course, the paper, people must be even with a name, like "Mary Smith, this is John Jones." Just beginning, introduced may still use each other's name is called for, such as "miss Smith", "Mr Jones", etc. But before long, wait for the other party to know, talked about speculation after, one of them would ask, "do you mind if I use your name call you?" In general, no one would mind. So, both sides will call name, to continue their conversation. Therefore, the American people come together to chat, rarely used title or words like "sir".

Everything yourself

Europe, Asia and other countries the rich, in order to show the style, or from the housework trivial to extricate, often hire maid, cooks and driver who serve and his family. In the United States, this situation is not much, because they pay attention to "do-it-yourself" (do it yourself). In the United States, whether doctors, professors, lawyers, businessmen, they all cook, clean, the market purchase. They have social identity, but don't think do housework will lower their decent identity. They also have economic strength hire "nanny", but I thought I'd be doing, not necessary. The somebody else away, people can often see big professor, a doctor you cook cooks cooking. As for mowing the lawn, sorting out the garage and paint the roof of such as unskilled work, social identity not only no tired feeling, but will joyfully into them.

"Do-it-yourself" habit and the American frontier spirit has close relationship. Imagine, the men in the west of the desolate, people and wilderness forever, and natural coexistence, from basic dietary daily life to complex medical education, all must depend on yourself. After many years' of influence, and the "do-it-yourself" self-reliance spirit and deeply into the culture of the United States casting of genes. In addition, in the American people, not only reflect people's DIY independent spirit, and people still can from "begin" after the results of their ability and see their value.

Of course, the "do-it-yourself" culture and other reasons. Americans like to practical, and hire others work is actually buy services. The average American, as long as their capable, competent, and didn't want to spend money please help others, think this is unnecessary spending. Still, the American people are paying more attention to privacy (privacy), concern about the home halcyon. A stranger in the house often ambulating, will no doubt to privacy and caused the influence of quiet negativity. So, they don't want to sacrifice privacy and peace for a at leisure.

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