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项目管理留学生作业要求及模板-Project Plan

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这是一个份留学生项目管理留学生作业要求及模板-Project Plan,供留学生参考!
项目管理留学生作业要求及模板-Project Plan
Once your proposal has been approved, you will be appointed a coach from the IBMS-team. From now on you discuss everything with him/her and the company mentor.
Since your assignment is project based your first activity will be to write a project-plan. 
This project plan is an extension of your graduation proposal. The first two weeks you get a deeper insight in the problem/challenge. For this you conduct explorative interviews with key actors and you find specific approaches to the problem.
Explorative interviews with key actors.
To get a good overview of the problem or challenge at hand it is necessary to talk to people from the company who are involved. With them you discuss the problem and get an idea how you might solve the problem. Questions to be asked:
How important is the problem to you?
What is the core of the problem/challenge?
Why is the problem not solved yet; why is the challenge not tried before?
Where could be the direction of the solution?
What are the requirements for the solution?
Which information is vital?
Are you prepared to help me?
Subject specific approach: theories, models and methods.
In most cases your approach for the project will be based on methods and models from the subject at hand. For a marketing/export plan you will use DESTEP, Porter’s five forces, swot and an country selection model. For logistics/scm you will use models like supplier selection models. For business process management you will use the balance score card model.
And you will use models/methods you did not learn in school, but you learned from your literature review.
The project plan.
The project plan is a more detailed graduation proposal. In this you elaborate in more detail what you are going to do, when and how. Vital to known is when you have to submit the final thesis. It takes 17 weeks to end and it depends on when you start. Check these dates on the portal! It is crucial for your planning and discuss it with your IBMS coach.
In general the project plan consists of the following components:
1. Project definition This will contain the same elements from the graduation proposal: background, problem definition, demarcation, problem objectives, deliverables and quality requirements. 
2. Research plan
Formulate the main and sub research questions and your research design. 
3.  Subject specific models/methods & Literature review The literature in the graduation proposal will be further enriched. You have studied new books and articles to support your project plan. Based on this literature you indicate which models/methods you are going to use.
. Project organization and planning
Converting points 1 to 3 into specific activities. What activities, when should they start, when will they be concluded? In this process, think both ‘from start to finish’ and ‘from finish to start”. 
Planning off course is crucial. The total project should cover 17 weeks. Somewhere in week 3 you have to submit your project plan and the first company visit of your tutor will be then in week 3 or 4. In week 7 you plan the first evaluation of the company mentor. In week 14 the first draft of the thesis should be ready, in week 16 you plan the presentation to the company and in week 17 then you submit the final thesis at Fontys MM Support Office.
5. Risk analysis and contingency plan.
List any possible risks you may encounter during the project. For example, a common risk is getting low response on surveys. What can you do to minimize this risk? Do you have a back up plan?
As a summary of our skype call of today with respect to your project plan:
- The problem definition is a copy of the same section of your graduation proposal
 - You should deepen and review this section, based on what you have learned in your first weeks at Involar and from the explorative interviews that you should have had. See 2nd and 3rd paragraph of "step 6: Project Plan" of  the study guide paper that you have mailed me today. 
- So far the main research question is about how Involar can enter the Chinese market.  Try to find out if Involar people can formulate this problem more specific. Do they have more specific questions.Mr. Rui already mentioned the relevant government laws and regulations. Do they have more specific key questions? e.g. about market potential, or about competition, or about distribution. - You should check and modify your research plan as needed, based on the results of the above step, the deepening and review of the problem
- The literature mentioned consists of generic marketing literature. This is not bad. However, this is not enough. You should seek for literature with models / aporaches that is/are more specific for the Involar problem that you are going to solve. See also the 4th paragraph of "step 6: Project Plan" of  the study guide paper that you have mailed me today. Make sure that you only present literature in your literature list of authorative sources.
- More specific literature - models / approaches may be related to: a) entry Chinese market for innovative technology products such as the miniconverter - B2B market; b) may be related to apporaches for the the (clean) energy market in China
- Be critical about everything people tell you: e.g. if it is said that the micro inverter is a revolutionary product, you should ask: why is it revolutionary, how can this be substantiated. e.g new (combination) of technology? Was Involar the first to introduce this? Is this technology also used by others today? or is it patented.
- Think about the risk section, after you have reviewed the research plan. Imagine what problems you might be confrronted during the execution of your research plan. Nobody is working in the ideal situation. You are depending on other people, organisations and information and your time is limited. So what do see as the potential main problems in realising your research (= risks) and what will your back-up plan tbe o overcome the identified risks? All of the project plan ans also this risk section have to do with the "think before you act" attitude that you should use.
You told me that you did not find good information on the web about the relevant political / regulatory / legal aspects until now. Try to identify individuals and / or institutions that can help you this information or help you find other people and contacts that can help.
最好能用到以下model或者更多 能帮我看看还有哪些更适合写这个marketing plan吗
市场营销模型/方法—Marketing models/methods 
The following marketing models are considered to be used in this strategic marketing plan.
1. pest分析—PEST analysis
The PEST analysis is a framework that helps us to investigate the external macro market. It consists of Political, Economic, social and technological parts.
political economic Social technological
Environmental regulations
Tax policies
International trade regulations
Contract enforcement law consumer protection
Government attitude
Safety regulations
Political stability
Economic growth
Interest rates& monetary policies
Government spending
Unemployment policy
Exchange rates Income distribution
Social mobility
Demographics, population growth rates
Work and leisure attitudes
Living conditions New inventions and development
Energy use and costs
Information technology
Mobile technology
Industry focus on technological effort
2. swot分析—SWOT analysis 
The input of the SWOT analysis will be summarized from the internal analysis and the external analysis. This matrix plays a quite important role for the researcher to analyze the company and make comments when comparing to other competitors in the market.
  Strength    Weakness
Exclusive access to natural resources
New, innovative products or services
Quality processes and procedures
Cost advantages Undifferentiated products and services
Marketing expertise
Appearance of the product
Lack of marketing expertise
Opportunity Threats
China –a new developing market
Strategic alliances
Moving into new attractive market segments
Regulations Regulations
price war
trade barriers
new competitors
3.对持矩阵—— confrontation matrix
 Confrontation Matrix is a tool that used to further analyze the output of a SWOT analysis.  It is the combination of the internal factors and the external factors. Through this matrix, the aim of it is to identify the most important strategic issues the company is facing.
opportunities threats
4. 波特五力模型—Five forces model of Porter
In the report, understanding and analyzing the potential competitors in the China solar market will be of much significance. By making use of the following points of five forces, we are able to get a clear perspective for competitors of Involar and the current situation:
Entry of competitors
Threats of substitutes
Bargaining power of buyers
Bargaining power of suppliers
Rivalry among the existing players
5. 市场营销组合—Marketing mix
According to the entry strategies, the next section is the marketing mix analysis of per chosen market.
The marketing mix consists of:
Product: functionality, quality, appearance, packaging, brand, service, support and warranty.
Price: list price, discounts, financing, allowances.
Place: locations, logistics, internet, mobile.
Promotion: advertising, public relations, media, sales, budget.

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