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新西兰经济管理学本科课程作业范文推荐-Carbon footprint assignment

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导读:本文是一篇新西兰作业,主要讲述了根据学生现实日常生活对二氧化碳排放环境的影响,写一篇关于如果进行低碳生活与坚持可持续性发展的感想。 Carbon footprint assignment碳足迹分配 1.


Carbon footprint assignment碳足迹分配
1. About carbon footprint关于碳足迹
(1) what is carbon footprint?(1)什么是碳足迹?
碳足迹是指一个人的能量意识和行为对自然的影响。简单来说,就是个人和企业的碳消耗,包括石油,煤炭,木材等。(S Alvarez,A Rubio,2015)越来越多的碳消耗量导致二氧化碳的增加,这被称为全球变暖气体。
Carbon Footprint refers to the impact that a person's energy consciousness and behavior have on nature.Simply, that is the individuals and enterprises’ carbon consumption,which includes oil, coal, wood and so on.(S Alvarez,A Rubio ,2015)  The moreand more carbon consumptioncauses the increasing amount of carbon dioxide ,which is known as the global warming gas. 
(2) what are the causes of the carbon footprint?(2)碳足迹的原因是什么?
对于碳足迹的生产,有很多原因。对于个人而言,乘坐飞机旅行,使用空调,在纸上书写,甚至发送电子邮件都会产生碳足迹。对于企业和机构来说,生产加工,运输,每个过程都消耗能源,产生碳足迹。(Jung Sik Koh,1993)众所周知,由于人类的存在,碳足迹的产生是不可避免的。可以说,在有生命的地方,就会有碳足迹。
For the production of carbon footprint, there are a lot of reasons. For individuals, a trip on a plane, the use of air conditioning,writing on a piece of paper , even sending an E-mail will produce carbon footprint. For enterprises and institutions, the production processing, transportation, every process consume energy, produce the carbon footprint.(Jung Sik Koh,1993)   As is known to all, because of the human existence, the generation of carbon footprint is inevitable. It can be said that where there is life, there will be carbon footprint. 
2.overall carbon footprint总碳足迹
There are five members in a family. the sister is two and younger brother is eight- months-old. Parents need to drive to work ,drive to the supermarket, send my sister go to school every day,and the student live in the school. As for the use of electricity, mom cooking, using electric heater and air conditioning in winter, ,the washing machine, refrigerator, electric equipment such as toaster, also indirectly produces carbon footprint. In addition, we also produce a certain amount of waste, including waste paper, diapers, bottles, waste water and so on. 
Part BB部分
1.sustainable life and viable carbon footprint
Sustainable life is a healthy, green, energy-saving way of life, itrequires people to apply this kind of life philosophy to various aspects during the daily life. Try to give up those inferior, surface fashionable clothes, contain your irrational shopping impulse, the budget and effort should be spent on the clothes really suitable for you,which give you a good feeling. Try to diy healthy food and meals at home, reduce the number going out for meals. Choose the household with no pollution to environment,around which the surrounding environment is good, use pollution-free log furniture. Try to walk or ride a bike,try to take public transportation when you have to. Viable carbon footprint refers to the carbon footprint after adopting sustainable lifestyle. Although individual’s contribution is limited,if a myriad of viable carbon footprint added together, it will make the situation improved a lot. In order to achieve viable carbon footprint, there are a lot of effort to do. 
2.comment on my behaviors
For a student living in school at ordinary times, maybe you think he is minimal carbon footprint producer or even trivial, but after analysis you can find that is not true. when learning, he will use a lot of books and notebooks, these school things are made from trees. As is known to all, green trees absorb carbon dioxide, so using one more piece of paper means more carbon dioxide emissions. He will use appliances to heating, cooling, lighting, these appliances will cost a lot of electricity, and the generation of electricity, is inseparable from the carbon dioxide emissions. He eat bread and drink milk, and the process of machining food consumes plant resources, transportation cause gasoline consumption and co2 emissions, in the process of storage it may require refrigeration, and so on. The clothes he wears seemingly doesn't create any carbon footprint, but careful analysis can discover that clothing is made from chemical materials and  plant material, during the process that these materials become into clothes, there will be the generation of carbon footprint. He has waste every day, waste processing also produces carbon footprint, there are ways of burying and burning or decomposition. Especially when burning garbage, there will be a lot of poisonous gas, far more simple as carbon dioxide . 
Almost all of these habits will produce carbon footprint, and many of them are inevitable, so what a student can do is try his best to change some habits, one of the which,also the most simple is the use of electrical appliances.( Hong-jing FENG; Bo CHEN,2012); The dormitory, library lamps are often on although the no one needs. The students often turn a blind eye to this phenomenon. This kind of phenomenon will cause a lot of waste of resources, and increase the carbon footprint, because when producing electricity a lot of greenhouse gaswill released. If every student can save electricity and turn off the lights, the whole school will save a lot of resources, you will also be able to reduce your carbon footprints. 
3.To achieve a sustainable life
Personally, sustainable way of life is desirable. It can not only bring us a healthy life, it can also contribute to the earth environmental protection problems. Compared to staying up late and get ting up late, eating junk food, having a class without energy, one is more willing to join sustainable life, healthily planning your life, forming good life habits. He was determined to make some choices. In future, one can appropriate reduce the number of the books he buys, instead, he will go to the library to borrow more. The student will try to choose green traveling way, such as walking and riding the bus. He will save water and electricity, turn off the faucet and lights unnecessary. he will leave the garbage sorting, picking out what can be recycled, so that they can be used again.(SI Wufei,2010) he will eat Fried junk food less,and eat more green pollution-free organic food. 
For a family,We can change a lot of actions to reduce our carbon footprints. Parents can go to the supermarket on foot, because the supermarket is not far away from the house. In the winter can only open air conditioning, because electric heater consumes much more, also can make all lamps with energy-saving lamps. (Toshihiko , Mikhail , Diego , Joni 2010)
Tell the children learn to save paper, save water, and not to waste resources. 
4. Advice and improvement
To reduce the carbon footprints, both institutions and individuals need to work together. Chemical plants and heavy industry should continue their innovation, adopting the advanced science and technology, reduce energy wasting and the harmful gas emissions. In addition, and the factory also need to accurately forecast the market demand as a standard to determine their own production quantity, in order to avoid the unnecessary waste of energy. (XiaochunXu,ChunshanSongT,BruceG.Miller,AlanW.Scaroni,2005)
To be honest, to change our habits and customs is not an easy thing. But if you want to make some changes, you have to make sacrifices. Sacrifice is not very easy thing, because we are accustomed to the present situation, and we think it is unable to improve the situation only on the power of the individual. So a lot of people think: why me? But we have to think like this: why not me? We need to know that if you don't start from yourself, you will always be passive, always waiting to see what other people do and follow them. Maybe you think that the efforts of the few is of little use, but you have to believe that as long as you put this positive energy to pass down, you can light up more and more people. 
 Hong-jing FENG; Bo CHEN(2012); Dep.of Physical Education,Beijing University of Chemical Technology
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